Grandfather’s Hidden Secrets Class

Children help bear the burden of parents (Mother Earth and Father Spirit) suffering.

Tom - Tracker School

I am sorry that I did not get this note out to all of you on Friday, but for all of you who are signing up or will be signing up for the upcoming class I need you to have a few things ready. First I need you to go back to any dreams, visions, symbols, signs, and/or other spiritual communications you have had concerning the future and send them to me as soon as the chat room opens. Remember that this class is as much about you and your Visions of the futures as it is Grandfather’s Vision of the probable future. It is through the way Grandfather and his people approached the visionary experience, the questions they asked, how they asked them, and what they sought that will help guide you to fully understanding your personal visionary experiences.
I would also like you to share with me your…

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